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More randomness

1. We had a substitute yoga instructor this week so we did some asanas I hadn’t done before, and a lot of the asanas we regularly do we did differently.  I had no trouble doing anything, but the next morning I got out of bed and my body was kind of “Whoa!  I guess I’m …

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I’m home with a migraine, so this might be a bit whiny and incoherent (or maybe just more whiny and incoherent than usual) so, um, sorry.  But remember the sweater I’ve been working on, like, forever?  The one whose sleeve I’ve frogged and reknit about 400 times now?  Yeah, that one.  I frogged the sleeve …

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Hey, you know what?

I figured something out.  If I wait until I have time to take photos of everything I want to show you that I’m talking about, it’s going to be another month between posts again.  So while throwing a bunch of words at you with no pictures isn’t as much fun, for me or for you, …

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