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15 minutes

Today I’m playing catch up! Thing 1 I’ve been meaning to tell you: There was an article about me in the Detroit News Homestyle section, “Fiber artist takes dyeing skills to whole new level,” this past Friday. You can read it online here. That link will stop working at some point, so I’ve archived it …

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Fiber Expo is this weekend! Yay!

I really like Fiber Expo. It’s one of my favorite shows to do. It’s a hometown show (Ann Arbor! Woohoo!), so I get to sleep in my own bed, not travel far, and I know where the good restaurants are, but it’s more than that. It’s just got a cool vibe to it. I see …

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Adventures in Fibonacci Weaving

This is about the interconnectedness of all things. In 1202, Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci, an Italian mathematician, wrote a book called Liber abaci (“Book of the abacus”). In this book he posited a problem: A certain man put a pair of rabbits in a place surrounded on all sides by a wall. How many pairs of …

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An abundance of awesomeness

Vogue Knitting Live!

This week is full of awesome things. Let’s play show & tell! Thing the first. Look what I got in the mail this week. Pretty exciting for me to see my tote bag in a national magazine! Thing the second. I’m going to Vogue Knitting Live! I was waitlisted, but they added more vendor spaces, …

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Oh. My.

Ok, I’m totally hooked on Twitter. Latest cool thing?  Thanks to @chrisguillebeau I’ve been watching The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Library.  Honestly, what more could I ask for than cartoon bunnies re-enacting movies in 30 seconds?

Hey, I’m famous!

Well, maybe not.  But I wrote a guest post for Ann Arbor’s getDowntown blog and it was published today.  Check it out! Other than that, I’m kind of too migrained out to write much.  Anyone know how long it should take for a gluten free diet to make the migraines stop if it’s going to?

Patriotism swells in the heart of the American bear

So the cool thing about technology today is I was actually able to watch Obama’s inauguration on my computer at work.  I’m old enough to be pretty impressed by that. I was pretty impressed by his speech too.  Wow.  A president who actually makes sense!  A president who’s actually intelligent!  A president who actually wants …

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I am thankful

A while ago Jennifer suggested writing a gratitude list with at least 100 things you’re grateful for.  I liked that idea, so here, now on Thanksgiving, is my list. I am thankful… that I have a roof over my head. that I have clean running water. that I have a working furnace. that I have …

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In the interest of fairness

I’m sure you’re all sick to death of my blathering on and on about Walgreen’s, but in the interest of fairness, I feel I should present the conclusion to the tale.  Thursday I emailed the University benefits office with a brief description of what happened.  Yes, it was brief.  No, really. Friday the benefits contact …

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Conjoined twin grapes

Ok, I usually don’t post more than once a day, but after my last post I went to have lunch, and look what I found. Yes, it’s organic.  It just grew funny.  Two grapes grew off the same stem. They’re conjoined twins. Cool!  And yummy!