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More classes, more wheels, more color

Wow. Where to start? I’ve been making a bunch of samples to figure out how much time to allow for different classes, and I think I’ve got it worked out. I’ve added several new classes to the schedule. Basic socks, 2 at a time from the toe up socks (magic loop using a sock blank), …

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What I’m up to

merino in the dyepot

So much for my plan to blog 3 times a week. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to. 1. Dyeing fiber. This is right after adding the dye, before the colors start to mingle. 2. Designing and knitting a hat. I’ll be selling the pattern once it’s finished. Here’s a preview. I actually had the …

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Wow, a new year already, huh?

I’ve actually been meaning to write for a couple of weeks, but I’ve been so busy doing stuff, I haven’t had time to write about it.  Some people are able to make time for both, and I envy them, but my brain doesn’t seem to be constructed that way.  And so, of course, the more …

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A quick update (because that’s all I have the energy for)

So last week I got the second set of botox injections.  I think they actually worked this time.  Hard to tell, because now I’ve got bronchitis, and I’ve had a few headaches just from coughing.  I don’t think they were migraines though.  But, um, yeah, all I’ve been good for the last few days is …

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Hey, is that a quarter behind your ear?

Ok, so I haven’t really found a way to make money just materialize (though I do pick up pennies off the sidewalk.  Maybe no one else can be bothered, but hey, it’s money.  I’ll take it).  Since my post on poverty, more ways to save money have presented themselves to me, so I thought I’d …

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