Teeth: a sale

No, I’m not selling teeth. That would be weird. Ew.

I’m writing this because my sweet bunny Roxanne is at the vet recovering from surgery. She had to have some of her teeth trimmed, and several teeth removed because they were infected at the roots. The infection was so bad, it had gone up into her sinus cavity and her eye socket. She had to have her left eye removed a few weeks ago.

I won’t give you any more details. It’s the kind of thing that makes people queasy.

Meanwhile, I just got a temporary crown. I go back next week for the permanent crown. This is my third crown, and I’ll probably need a fourth next year. I grind my teeth, and even though I wear a bite splint, my teeth are wearing away. If I had lived before modern dentistry, I’d probably have to have someone else chew my food for me. Ew.

Anyway. So far this year I’ve spent over $2300 on dentistry and veterinary bills. And that’s probably not the last of it.

Um…a little help?

Since I have more expenses than just dentistry and veterinary bills, I need to make some extra money quick. So I’m having a sale.

Use the coupon code TEETH to get 25% off any purchase of $50 or more, now through February 14. A lot of my stock is low right now, but you can order any of my hand dyed yarn or hand dyed fiber, even if the colorway you want is out of stock, and I will dye it and send it to you when it’s ready. (It will show up as a back order.)

If you’d like to help out, but there’s nothing you want to order right now, consider my karma program. You pay money up front and then receive discounts for a specified period of time, depending on how much money you paid.

And so you can see who you’re helping out, here’s a video of Roxanne (on the left, back when she still had both eyes) and Joey.