Time to register for Spinzilla!

SpinzillaI have no idea how it got to be September already. I think I lost a month. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could get all the time we’ve lost back at a lost and found?

Anyway, it really is September, and that means Spinzilla registration is open!

You want to sign up for Team Happy Fuzzy Yarn, right?

We’re planning a trunk show and a couple of spin-ins at Spun in Kerrytown, and I am really looking forward to trying to beat my own personal record.

Whether you’ve been spinning for years or you’re a brand new spinner, we would love to have you on our team! You just have to be able to have time to spin the week of October 3-9. The goal is to spin as much yardage as possible, so ideally you’ll be able to devote a lot of time that week to spinning (forget cooking and cleaning. Make someone else do it or order pizza, and a little dirt never hurt anyone. You’ve got spinning to do).

You can read more at the FAQ. And you can register here!



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