TNNA recap

All of our colorways in Corrie Sock

All of our colorways in Corrie Sock


I intended to write about TNNA a few days after getting home. Instead I have been so exhausted I’ve been taking naps every day and still haven’t done half the things I was going to. This is what happens when I’m sick for six weeks with two viruses and then just start to recover and work a solid month of 13 hour days to prepare for TNNA.

I was exhausted when I got there. And then there was the show (which I totally could not have done without Penny! Especially Saturday when I was so exhausted I couldn’t speak coherently and just had to leave for a while. Thank you, Penny!) and all the meetings and meet ups (Starship people! Yay!!!) and it was all fun (except for the meeting at the end of one day when everyone was tired from standing all day and they only had about a third as many chairs as people. Seriously? I sat on the floor). But are you familiar with spoon theory? Basically I had one spoon left and I needed about 57.

So I’ve been spending the last three weeks replenishing my spoons. Taking a LOT of naps. Feeling exhausted. And crying at nothing.

Yeah, good times.

So we are planning ahead for next year’s TNNA so there won’t be so much last minute (well, last month) preparation. We’re also thinking about how we can do some things differently so setting up will be a lot less work. And we will definitely have a bigger booth next year. We didn’t have room to put everything out!

This year was the first year of cash and carry, and that went really well. We’ll have more of that next year now that we have a better idea of what to expect.

But! I digress!

We debuted several new colorways at this year’s TNNA, so we are officially up to 92! Several new patterns made their debut, including Trecolori, which Carol told you about a few days ago. We’ll be releasing them one every week or so, so we don’t overwhelm you.

I talked to several designers who are planning to work with our yarn, so watch for some great things coming up!

I took a “Make it Fit” class from Deb Gemmell, and I learned a lot! I would definitely recommend taking a class from her if you have the opportunity!

Our yarn will soon be in its second yarn store in Canada, so we’re on our way to global domination! (Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?)

I’m really looking forward to getting more of my energy back because I have ideas.