Trunk show pics

Hmm.  I thought I had mentioned the upcoming trunk show here, but it looks like I didn't.  I mentioned it everywhere else, so I thought I'd covered all bases.  Oops.  Anyway, Susan and I did a trunk show last Saturday at Artisan Knitworks.  I thought you'd like to see some photos. 

Here's me with our stuff, my yarn in the foreground, and Susan's sock blanks and stuff she made from them behind that.

Trunk show Riin

Here's Susan (with a blurry me in the background.  I didn't realize she was having her picture taken.  Oops).

Trunk show Susan

And here's a closer up view of Susan's stuff.  Isn't it awesome?

Sock blanks

You can read more about the show at Fairy Yarnmother's blog.  And speaking of awesome, this is made out of pure awesome.