Weaving, weaving, weaving…

I’ve gotten back to weaving. I was weaving, weaving, weaving, then that dropped off, and I was spinning, spinning, spinning. Now I’m back to weaving. It seems like I can only be obsessed with one at a time, and then that’s all I want to do. Anyway, I finished the shawl that was on the loom (it’s drying in the basement. Pictures of that later), and warped the loom for two scarves. I’m about 30″ into the first one.

The colors aren’t quite right in the photo (my camera doesn’t want to see some greens), but this gives you a rough idea. it’s a combination of my hand dyed yarn and some estate sale and thrift store finds. It’s prettier in real life than in the photo here.

I’ve also been working with my knitting machine a bit now and then. I finally figured out some of the things I needed to tweak and managed to knit a swatch. Now I just need to knit more swatches so I can learn what tension to use with what yarn. I’ve also learned that knitting machines are fussy little divas who have to have everything just so. Well, alright. I just have to learn its quirks. If it wants a bowl full of M&M’s with all the tan ones removed, fine, whatever. I just need to know that.

I think I’ll get back to weaving now. It’s a lot more meditative than working with the diva.