What I learned at my first fiber show

I survived the Northern Michigan Lamb & Wool Festival, and I’m recovered enough now to write about it. It was my first time vending at a show in my own booth, so I learned a lot.

I didn’t make as much money as I had hoped, but that seemed to be true for vendors in general. I think the economy is still pretty sucky, and people don’t feel as ready to part with their money as they once did. I’m hoping shows in more affluent areas will do better. I still made a respectable amount, and I got a lot of people to sign up for my mailing list (which you can do too! See the signup thingie in the right sidebar –> ), and a lot of people took my business card.

Once I had my booth set up, I realized that there was room for a lot more yarn, and the fiber side was overflowing, so I’ll dye a lot more yarn in the next few weeks for Fiber Expo. No need to dye more fiber for a while. I made notes of what I want to do so I won’t forget (I need to make a lot more signs, for one thing). The booth still looked good though. Quite a few people told me it didn’t look like it was my first time, so that was flattering.

It wasn’t too hard to find food we could eat. Some people laughed at the idea of looking for vegan food in West Branch, but you just have to know what to look for. Pizza is pretty ubiquitous, and it’s easy to order it with no cheese (although all the dead animal heads mounted on the walls were a bit off-putting). We also found a really good Mexican restaurant, where we had veggie fajitas and just had them hold the sour cream and cheese.

The camping experience taught me that air mattresses need to have something insulating under them or they get really cold when it’s 40°F outside. I had kind of forgotten how cold that is. Next time I go camping when it’s that cold, I need to wear a hat and long underwear. It wasn’t very warm inside the exhibit building either. Next time, flannel-lined jeans for sure. And turtlenecks. (While I was sitting in my booth, the back of my neck got so cold I thought of putting one of my sock blanks around my neck as a scarf. Then I remembered I actually had scarves for sale. Duh.)

So, you probably want photos, right? Ok.

I wanted to pet the animals but they were eating, so they weren’t at all interested in us.


  1. kim

    Riin, the booth looks awesome! I’m saving my pennies for the Fiber Expo & will most likely see you there! Congrats on surviving your first show! 🙂

  2. Jacki Dilley

    I’m glad you’re blogging.

    Beautiful photos. I agree — your booth looks like you’ve been at this a while!

  3. ava reddick

    It really looked nice, and now that you’ve got the hang of things, your future shows should be really fantastic!!!

    I have an aerobed and yes, you do have to put something under it to really keep warn!!!

    fondly in fiber,


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