What time is it? Michigan Fiber Festival time!

It’s that time again! Time to go to Allegan and fondle fiber and tell all the sheep and goats how cute they are!

We have a much needed double space this year, so stop by the no longer claustrophobic Happy Fuzzy Yarn booth! We will be there Friday through Sunday in building 8B. Since we now have a double space, we’re in a different spot than last year. We’ve moved to space 100-101.

We have several new colorways, and a new base yarn, Merino Silk Lace. If you like laceweight yarns, you’ll want to roll around naked in it, I promise.

A close up of Merino Silk Lace

The Michigan Fiber Festival is held at the Allegan County Fairgrounds in Allegan, MI. You can read more about festival dates and hours, events, and a lot of other stuff at the festival website.