What to do with one skein of bulky handspun

Often someone will ask me what they can make with one skein of bulky handspun art yarn — awesome yarn that doesn’t have a lot of yardage. Sometimes a cowl is good, other times a skinny scarf is the answer, but some times they’re really looking for something else. Something bigger.

The answer is to combine the handspun with another yarn.

I combined a skein of my corespun yarn with some of my hand dyed Merino Lace yarn to make this Scribble Lace shawl.

scribble lace shawl

Do you know about scribble lace? I first read about it Debbie New’s book Unexpected Knitting. It’s so easy, and it looks so amazing. It’s simply stockinette stitch on very large needles, alternating one row of a very thick yarn with three rows of a very thin yarn. You need to use a circular needle or dpns so when you need to start a row with the yarn that’s at the other end you can just slide the stitches to that end and start there.

scribble lace held up

I used size US17 needles for this shawl. I cast on what looked like a reasonable number of stitches (it turned out to be 42), knit till I was running out of the corespun yarn, and bound off. I gave it a quick bath in cool water, then pinned it out to dry on a large bath towel. That’s it.

You can see (and fondle!) the shawl in person, along with all of my handspun and several colorways of hand dyed Merino Lace this coming weekend at the Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs, Ohio. I hope to see you there!