What’s going on, part deux

Ken's site is now back up.  For anyone who didn't catch the comment Juha left after my last post, Joe Gardner is indeed out of town, but managed to get it fixed from the middle of his two month mountain bike tour.  Thanks, Joe!

It's going to take me a little longer than I planned to do the shop update since I've come down with a cold, and I'm on the sleep 22 hours a day plan.  I felt a little better this morning and I thought I could go back to work, but then I took a shower, combed my hair, got dressed…and it seemed like I had done enough work for one day.  The thought of making my lunch and walking 3 minutes to the bus stop was overwhelming.  So…yeah.  Back to bed.

On the plus side, while I have some of my usual cold symptoms, I don't have all of them.  Sore throat? Check.  Sore ears?  Check.  Wanting to sleep, sleep, sleep, and sleep some more?  Check.  Head converted into a snot factory which causes me to blow my nose so often I go through at least half a box of kleenex* a day and cough so much that people end up staring at me like I'm ready to drop dead?  Um…no.  There's just a little bit of congestion.  I'm more tired than anything else.  But no snot factory.  No faucet head.  Is it because I stopped eating dairy, or is it just this particular cold virus?  I guess I'll have to experience a few more colds to really know, but if I can have colds without having to go to the Snot Faire, hey, that's not bad at all.  If all I have to do is just go sleep for a couple of days because I don't have the energy to do anything else, well, compared to all the years I spent being absolutely miserable when I had a cold…  If I had only known, I would've stopped eating dairy years ago.

Right, time to go be horizontal.

*I use "kleenex" as a generic term, of course.  I actually buy Puffs brand kleenex.

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  1. Mike Hamilton

    Hi again Riin….just an afterthought. I also grew up in a smoking environment and ended up living with a heavy smoker, so I can well relate to the symptoms you so frequently mentioned in your posts here, especially “the snot factory” symptom….quite likely the most annoying of all for me. Have you ever woke up in the morning and got a bite of a jalapeno pepper and chewed it thoroughly, then swallowed it? I have, and it opens the sinus cavities and respiratory passages RIGHT NOW. In fact, I only do this if I’m standing over the bathroom sink, or about to jump in the shower, as it opens and drains everything so fast I spend about ten minutes coughing up whatever phlem drains out (bleaugh!). It works fast and powerful. Of course, the reward for this unpleasantness is a morning of great breaths of fresh air and I feel great! Did I mention the high vitamin-C content & potassium in these things is also great for you? By the way….caffeine products, like tooth problems, make things far worse for folks like us. In fact, it’s quite possible you’ll never get rid of symptoms if you don’t get rid of caffeine and keep your teeth in good shape (they harbor infection). As an aside, I looked up coffee (I’m a latte’ addict) in my herb manuals and found it had only one (1) use….something called a “high enema”. Does that ring any bells? And don’t all that info just bless ya real good and fuzzy?

    Just a thought I had to share with yeeeww…..
    Be blessed…. Mike Hamilton

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