What’s going on with Ken’s site

Long time readers may know that I took over the maintenance of my dear friend Ken Kifer’s website after he was killed by a drunk driver in 2003. Unfortunately if you go to his site now, it isn’t his site. It’s a Japanese WordPress site.


I contacted Joe Gardner, who actually takes care of the hosting, and who is much wiser in the ways of IT than I am.

No, the domain did not expire. It’s paid through the end of 2014.

No, we did not take the site down.

Apparently someone in Tokyo hacked into the DNS service and stole the domain. Joe and some other IT guys are working on getting it back.

I’ll post another update when I know more.


  1. Allen Kirkwood

    Thank you for continuing to keep Ken’s site alive. He must have led a very full life. I really like reading about his adventures.


  2. Neil Machin


    Glad to know the site is still being looked after – a valuable resource and a tribute to Ken.

    There was talk at some time of the report of Ken’s latest trip – which he had completed but had not had time to completely write and publish – being added to the site. Does Ken’s account of this trip exist? Is there any chance of it being added to the site? It has been a long time now, but it is something I would still like to get the chance to read.


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