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Several people have been emailing me over the past week to let me know that Ken's site is down.  Yep, it's still down.  Yep, it sucks.  This is the 5th anniversary of Ken's death.  It's just really rubbing salt in a wound to have his site down.

I do maintenance on his site, but I don't host it.  Joe Gardner of bikeforums.net graciously volunteered to host it shortly after Ken's death, and as I knew absolutely nothing about webhosts or transferring domains and hadn't even learned html at that point, I was very grateful for his help.  I've emailed him about the site being down, but I haven't heard back from him yet.  I'm thinking he's probably just out of town, because you know, people have lives.

So don't panic.

I was going to write more about Ken, but I don't think I really can without getting all morose on you.  All I can say is I miss him, and his death had even more of an impact on me than I realized at the time.

The other thing that's been going on is I've been dyeing up a storm.  Er, so to speak.  All the rain is not my fault!  My dyeing muse has finally returned from her much needed vacation, it seems; I've been dyeing a whole lot of yarn and fiber lately.  The majority of it is dry and photographed; I just have to edit the photos, come up with names, make labels, and add it all to the store.  The rest is still wet or queued up for washing.  So be on the alert — there's a store update coming soon!

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  1. Juha

    I’m one of the Moderators over at Bikeforums.net. I’m sure Joe is going to contact you directly as well, but he just posted in BikeForums saying working on getting Ken’s site up and running. For more info please see this thread in BikeForums Living Car Free -subforum:

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