What’s the point?

I was going to upload another pattern today, but I’m too depressed. This week’s headlines are just too much. Even though it’s just more of the same, it’s just TOO MUCH.

I am so sick of people being murdered because of their skin color or their religion or their sexual orientation or their gender identity or or or or or…

I mourn for our entire human race. I feel like I should just wear all black all the time.

Writing about yarn and patterns and knitting seems so trivial. I feel like I should just chuck it all in and go live in a cave somewhere where I don’t have to deal with people or hear about the horrible things people are doing to each other.

Or dye all the yarn black. And design everything for black yarn.

I won’t. I love color. And knitting with black yarn is hard on my eyes.

But damn.

Be kind, people. Please, be kind.


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  1. Carol Gill

    The News is terrible! I’ve turned it off. Try to Keep your chin up.
    All my Love, Mom

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