Why metal dpns are better than plastic dpns

So I finally finished my Gratitude socks (aka, my bus knitting socks).  Yay!  I really like them!


Now that those are finished, my waiting for stuff to download knitting becomes my bus knitting.  Saturday it looked like this:


I was working on it downtown tonight when it occurred to me that I should probably try it on to make sure it actually fit, so I took off my left shoe and sock and slipped the Jaywalker in progress onto my foot.  A little snug.  How would it actually fit around my ankle?  I carefully pulled the sock up and maneuvered the live stitches around my heel and ankle.  It felt a bit tight.  And then I heard a snap.  Snap?  One never likes to hear a snap from the vicinity of one’s ankle.  That’s just not good.  I looked down.

Oh crap.  Well, I wouldn’t be knitting with those needles anymore.

Rather than knit on the way home, I frogged.


I’ll have to find something else to knit on the bus tomorrow morning.  On metal needles.

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  1. Marcy

    Hey, I want an update on that sweater you showed a couple posts back. How’s that going?
    What brand are those sock needles? I never saw sock needles in plastic before.

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