Wow, a new year already, huh?

I’ve actually been meaning to write for a couple of weeks, but I’ve been so busy doing stuff, I haven’t had time to write about it.  Some people are able to make time for both, and I envy them, but my brain doesn’t seem to be constructed that way.  And so, of course, the more I did, the more I wanted to write about, and then I envisioned a huge post that would take all day to write, which was an overwhelming thought.  Finally I realized I didn’t have to write about everything all in one day.  (I know, duh.  It’s perfectly obvious after I realize it.)  So I was going to just write about knitting today and show you pictures of all the projects I’ve been working on.  Problem is, by the time I got some other stuff done and was ready to take photos, it was getting dark.  4pm and it was getting dark.  I am so looking forward to longer days.

So.  Knitting photos tomorrow.  Today I’ll tell you about stuff that doesn’t need pictures.

Right.  So my cold finally went away.  I actually feel pretty good.  My neurologist recommended taking extra magnesium (400mg/day) for my migraines, and I think it’s helped.  I’ve been reading about magnesium, and not having enough can cause a lot of problems, including depression, anxiety, fatigue and a lot of others I don’t remember because they weren’t so relevant to me.  Even if you eat a healthy diet full of magnesium-rich foods, these foods often don’t contain as much magnesium as they used to because the soil is depleted.  The food has to get it from somewhere.

Anyway, I have more energy than I used to, which is really nice, and kind of freaky, because I’m not really used to having energy.  I think I could get used to it though.

I’m continuing to try new foods to get a variety of nutrients.  I’ve decided I really like pomegranates, even if they are a lot of work to eat.  It takes me a long time to eat one.  It’s definitely not a quick snack.  But it’s really, really good.  Something to savor when I have the time.

I grew up thinking I hated mushrooms because the only ones I ever had as a kid were those slimy, disgusting canned ones.  Well, guess what?  Fresh mushrooms are absolutely nothing like that!  Fresh mushrooms are delicious!  Why do they even sell canned mushrooms?  I mean, maybe if you were in a bomb shelter, they might be useful as food that would keep a long time and still be nutritious, but why would anyone ever use them if fresh ones were available?  Were fresh mushrooms not available in the 1970’s?  Or were people just insane then?*  I just don’t understand.

I also generally don’t like nuts or peanuts, but I like creamy peanut butter, and I’m fine with pine nuts in pesto because they’re ground so fine.  I decided it’s all about the texture — I generally don’t like nuts because they’re like bits of wood in my food.  As long as they’re not like bits of wood, they’re ok.  So this week I bought some almond butter.  I usually spread peanut butter on my toasted cinnamon raisin bagel; the last few days I’ve been spreading almond butter on it instead.  It’s good.  It’s kind of like peanut butter, but different.  I like it.

I decided that since I eat so many fruits and vegetables and therefore have a lot of stems and cores and whatnot, I really need to start composting.  When I tried to figure out where to put a compost bin outside though, I didn’t have much luck.  Most of my garden is in the front and side yards.  I don’t really want a compost bin in my front yard (nor do I think my neighbors would appreciate it), and my side yard is kind of hard to get to in winter.  My back yard is mostly my deck, and beyond that is a common area.

So I decided to start vermicomposting.  I ordered a three level bin and it should be here next week.  I’m excited!  I did vermicomposting before years ago, and it didn’t work out so well, but I’ve been reading a lot about it, and I realize what went wrong.  I had the bin in the basement, and it was probably too cold for them there, and I also wasn’t giving them enough food.  Poor little wormies.

I’ve been rearranging stuff in the cupboards in my kitchen so I can put the bin in a closet in there, so it will be a good temperature, and it will be more convenient for me to take care of them.  I’ve been saving food for them just in the last few days, and wow, I can’t believe how much I have already!  Several apple cores, broccoli stems cut into small pieces, a whole lot of tea bags, some baby carrots that I didn’t manage to eat by the expiration date, some grapes that were ooky, a squash stem, some stale pita bread, and on and on.  And then there’s all the hay, bunny poop, and shredded phone book pages that I cleaned out of Rudy’s cage and saved for them.  I think I’m going to have some happy wormies.

Oh, is anyone in Ann Arbor vermicomposting and have extra worms to give away?  I might have to buy some online, but I figured before I do that I’d see if anyone local has a surplus since they do multiply.  I’ll try an ad on craigslist if no one here has any.

So, I think 2009 will be alright.  Yeah, the global economy has tanked, but I already live a pretty simple lifestyle, so I think I’ll be ok.  2008 was a good year for me.  Not perfect.  The part with Rudy dying really hurt.  But I finally got my migraines pretty much under control.  Aside from a few colds, I’m healthier than I’ve ever been.  2008 wasn’t perfect, but it was so much better than the year before.  2007 was a horrible year.  2008 was a year of peace.  A year of gardening.  A year of regaining my health and my sanity.  A year of finally figuring out how to deal with my hair (I’ll write more about what I’m doing with it now when I can take photos).

2009 will bring an even better garden.  In the spring I’ll bury Rudy’s ashes.  My raspberries should bear fruit next year this year.  Mmm…raspberries…

*Oh, wait, look at what they were wearing then.  Of course they were insane.

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  1. Jeffrie Kingsley

    To Riin, subject: Ken’s Site
    First, thank you for keeping the site rolling. I am currently making my panniers for my first bike tour and I am thankful for the sites advice/suggestions. Could you send me a picture or possibly give me advice as to how to mount the panniers to my bike via DIY hooks or tie-downs… Thank you for your time.
    Your blog page is beautiful. I hope to explore it more as i am also a knitter and I love exploring all means of sustainablity. Do you have recipes?
    I have found that many of Ken’s links don’t work.

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