Yep, I’m up to stuff.

Several weeks seem to have passed since I last blogged. My first thought was “how did that happen?” but then I realized how it happened. I’ve been busy. In the last 5 1/2 days alone, I’ve dyed 5 dozen skeins of sock yarn, painted 8 sock blanks (yes, I got the hang of using the knitting machine and worked out the details for making sock blanks. Yay!), knit another 6 sock blanks, spun I’m not sure how much yarn, bought gridwall and hooks for my booth at all the fiber festivals I’m planning to do, and registered for Northern Michigan Lamb & Wool Festival. (I’ll make an events page listing shows I’ll be at.)

It’s interesting. I used to think I didn’t want to do shows, mainly because dealing with strangers all day is really draining for me. (Yes, I am an introvert.) It doesn’t seem that daunting anymore though. I mean, yeah, they’re strangers, but they’re knitters and spinners. Knitters and spinners are nice fun people. So, with the help of my sweetie who has volunteered to drive and be Mr. Heavy Lifting Guy, I’ll be doing fiber shows. (Thanks, sweetie!)

And yeah, I know this would be a better post with pictures, but I’m really, really tired.