Some of my long time readers may remember that I was trying to eliminate foods from my diet that would cause migraines or aggravate my acid reflux.  This was behind my rather drastic choice to forego chocolate, unless it appears before me in the form of someone’s birthday cake.  I won’t turn down birthday cake.

I’ve been doing alright without the chocolate.  Like most things, once you get it out of your system and stop thinking about it all the time, the cravings are gone.  But once in a while, yeah, the chocolate monkey jumps back on my back.  I know dark chocolate is actually good for you, but it’s not so good for the migraines and the reflux.

So I decided to look around for some carob.  Yeah, I’ve heard about it for years, but would you believe I’d never actually tried it?

Well.  Did I hit paydirt.  SunSpire all natural Vegan Carob Chips.  I’ve been chowing down on these things.  These are my new crack candy.  They taste like very dark chocolate, but with no migraine, and no coughing.  Mama’s happy.  Oh yeah.